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紅紋石 • Rhodochrosite



Compassion • Love • Joy

紅紋石 • Rhodochrosite



Compassion • Love • Joy

History & Story

“Rose” Quartz

Rose quartz, named for its soft pink color, evoking a sense of romance and gentleness. Like clear quartz, it is a member of the quartz family, and its healing pink hue comes from trace amounts of titanium, iron, and manganese within the crystal. Influenced by the geographical environment and minerals of its origin, the color of rose quartz ranges from pale pink to deep pink, with varying degrees of transparency, making it suitable for different preferences.

Symbol of Love and Beauty

In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, rose quartz was considered a symbol of love and beauty. It is said that the goddess of love, Aphrodite (or Venus), bestowed rose quartz upon humanity to evoke love and the pursuit of beauty. This concept aligns with the energy system of Indian yoga, where rose quartz is seen as a crystal that can activate the heart chakra, enhancing love and compassion, fostering kindness, and promoting beautiful relationships. Even in modern times, rose quartz symbolizes love and romantic relationships, permeating cultures around the world.


Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secret

In ancient Egypt, rose quartz was seen as a symbol of beauty and youth. It is said that Egyptian queen Cleopatra believed that the energy of rose quartz could maintain her beauty and youth. Therefore, she ordered the use of rose quartz to make masks and massage tools to keep her skin young and smooth. This application of rose quartz has been passed down to the present day, with various beauty and massage tools made from rose quartz available on the market.



Benefits & Healing Properties

Promotes Healthy Relationships

Also known as the “stone of love,” rose quartz can promote love, friendship, and family relationships, helping to attract healthy relationships and enhance love and harmony in existing ones.


Heals Emotional Wounds

Rose quartz has powerful healing energy that soothes emotional wounds and past traumas, making it easier for individuals to open their hearts and accept love from all things and the universe.


Fosters Self-Love

Rose quartz promotes unconditional love and acceptance of oneself, helping individuals recognize their value and importance, establishing a good foundation for self-concept, and then accepting and sharing more love.


Releases Stress & Anxiety

The energy of rose quartz has calming and soothing effects, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, bringing inner peace and tranquility.


Enhances Compassion & Empathy

By activating the heart chakra, rose quartz makes it easier for individuals to understand and care for others, promoting harmony in interpersonal relationships.


Facilitates Emotional Release

Rose quartz helps to open the heart, releasing suppressed emotions and unresolved emotional issues, leading to emotional liberation and healing.


Boosts Happiness

The frequency of rose quartz can enhance the sense of happiness, making it easier for individuals to feel filled with love and joy.


Improves Sleep Quality

Rose quartz can help achieve deep relaxation, enhancing sleep quality and bringing a sense of peace.

Usage & Placement

Carry with You

Keep rose quartz close to you to help soothe emotions and attract positive relationships.



Hold rose quartz or place it on the heart chakra during meditation to help open the heart chakra, promote the flow of love and compassion, and bring inner peace.


Place in the Bedroom

Put rose quartz on the bedside or under the pillow to help achieve deep relaxation, ensuring restful and higher quality sleep.


Place in Shared Spaces

Place larger pieces of rose quartz in living rooms, offices, or other communal areas to promote harmony and understanding among family members, reducing conflicts and friction.


Place in Work Environment

Place rose quartz on your desk or in your workspace to relieve work stress and attract helpful relationships for your career.


Emotional Healing

Use rose quartz in spaces for emotional healing, such as during psychological counseling, energy healing, and visualization practices, to help release suppressed emotions and promote healing of emotional wounds.



Place rose quartz in the bathtub for a relaxing bath, which is said to benefit the skin and blood circulation.


Ritual Applications

Incorporate rose quartz in relationship rituals, such as love attraction ceremonies or even weddings, to bless new relationships.



Rose quartz has been a symbol of good relationships throughout history, making it a thoughtful gift for loved ones to bless enduring relationships.

Cleansing Tips

Step 1: Running Water

Hold amethyst under gentle running water. Allow water to flow for a few minutes.
Visualize washing away negative energies.

Note: Be cautious, as prolonged water exposure may affect certain amethyst types.


Step 2: Sage or Palo Santo Cleansing

Pass amethyst through smoke from burning sage or Palo Santo. Ensure smoke contacts all sides.
Visualize purifying and clearing stagnant or negative energy.


Frequency: Once a month or after spiritual practices.

Caring Tips

Prolonged sunlight exposure may cause color fading.