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About GFE

Chapter One: The Beginning

My families had always cherished the hobby of collecting crystals. However, perhaps destiny had other plans. Growing up surrounded by various types and sizes of crystals, I never paid them special attention. To my younger self, they were merely ornamental objects.


It was during a college internship that I encountered a coworker with a passion for spiritual practice. She introduced me to a few crystals she had recently acquired from abroad, allowing me to hold them and teaching me to sense their energy. It was the first time I genuinely connected with the crystals' frequencies. Initially, I only noticed their size and weight, but gradually, I began to perceive a subtle pulsation and a gentle tingling sensation, followed by an indescribable feeling of apprehension. My coworker instructed me to place the crystal in my left palm and circle my right hand above it. Within moments, I felt a delicate, soft layer of "energy" between my hand and the crystal, invisible to the naked eye but undeniably present. This experience profoundly resonated with Willard Wigan's famous words: "Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there." From that moment on, I realized that the world I thought I knew was merely the tip of the iceberg, and that the unseen realm of energy held boundless knowledge and wisdom worth exploring. This revelation marked the beginning of my story with crystals.

Chapter Two: The Meeting

Upon returning home, I started paying unprecedented attention to the once ordinary "decorations" and began consulting my family. Whenever a friend showed interest in crystals, we would enthusiastically provide them with a comprehensive introduction. My mother was no exception, and soon hundreds of crystal jewelry pieces emerged before me. Amidst the dazzling array, one piece caught my eye. It lacked the vibrant hues of other crystals and looked more like a stone, with its chaotic patterns and dark green color. Yet, it fascinated me, perhaps representing what I often mention to my customers – a "connection at first sight." This piece was my first crystal, a Moldavite pendant. We bonded based on pure feelings, without considering appearance or effects.

Chapter Three: Born of GFE

Did it feel good to wear the Moldavite? Quite the contrary. The first time I put it on, I experienced a headache and heaviness in my chest, not the tingling sensation I had previously encountered. Instead, it was replaced by an unnatural warmth that made breathing difficult. Although uncomfortable, I persevered, believing that the stronger the sensation, the more powerful the energy. I thought I had discovered a unique stone and forced myself to endure its effects. Fortunately, I adapted to it after one or two weeks. Although the temperamental Moldavite occasionally "shocked" me, I no longer experienced physical discomfort.


Did life improve after wearing the Moldavite? It had never been worse. All the unresolved problems, delayed issues, people I didn't want to face, and debts I owed – they all converged within a month. I was battered and bruised, both emotionally and physically.


"Green crystals correspond to the heart chakra, which is located in the chest. Wearing a pendant on the chest should be beneficial..."


At that time, I had limited knowledge of crystals, and this was the extent of my understanding about the stone on my chest. You, of course, comprehend the reasons behind my experience, but back then, I didn't think too much about it and simply faced the challenges head-on.


As my understanding of crystals deepened, I realized that the Moldavite had taught me a valuable lesson. Though the journey was arduous, I emerged stronger, and my mind and body became more relaxed after dealing with the various issues. Despite my chaotic introduction to crystals, I became more convinced of their subtle power and their potential to change a person's life.

Subsequently, I became enamored with collecting various types of crystals, particularly enjoying an array of decorative pieces. Their size allowed me to better appreciate each work of art crafted by nature and to savor the sensation of holding them in my hands. I was fortunate to be surrounded by knowledgeable mentors in the world of crystals, enabling me to continually deepen my understanding and share insights with friends. I would sometimes suggest using crystals to help them achieve their goals or address life's challenges. Learning about their success in solving issues using crystals filled me with a sense of fulfillment and a desire to introduce more people to the world of crystals.

Gradually, the idea of founding GFE emerged, fueled by the hope of using my modest influence to reach a wider audience of crystal enthusiasts and those in need of their energy. I aspire to be a filter with my own hands, selecting high-quality crystals for customers to purchase with confidence, ensuring a positive first impression and fostering trust for those new to crystals. My ultimate goal is to help others explore the unseen aspects of crystals and embrace them as companions in facing life's lessons.