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Realign your body, soul and mind with this Chakra Healing Set. Featuring seven mindfully-sourced and hand-selected crystals for your best healing practice, this set can help to release blockages and re-balance all seven of your Chakras.

Chakras & Crystals

According to the ancient Indian Vedas, our body contains thousands of meridians and over a hundred intersections, with the most significant being the seven energy centers or chakras commonly known to crystal users.


In this system, each of the seven main chakras possesses its unique vibrational frequency. Ingeniously, these frequencies can be converted into the primary colors of the visible spectrum. Each primary chakra is linked to specific organs and glands, so the functioning of these energy centers greatly impacts our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


The unique colors of objects result from their physical structures, which allow their surfaces to absorb parts of the spectrum and reflect the unabsorbed portions. For instance, red objects absorb most of the light in the spectrum, reflecting only the red frequency range, leading to the perception of the color "red."


This principle applies to other colors as well. Black substances absorb all light and reflect none, appearing dark in the absence of light sources. Conversely, white substances absorb minimal light and reflect most of it. In essence, objects return unabsorbed energy to their surroundings, representing energy within the color frequency range.


This concept forms the core principle of crystal healing. Crystals, nurtured in natural environments, absorb energy from the Earth, embodying pure and potent vibrational frequencies with beneficial effects on humans. The various colors of crystals correspond to the different energy center colors within the chakra system. Consequently, natural therapies have long incorporated crystals to help regulate chakras with overactive or underactive energy, adjusting them to frequencies aligned with the ideal state of the chakras. ©️GFE

On-body Crystal Healing

Everything in the world possesses its unique vibrational frequency, including the Earth, humans, flora, and even a grain of dust. Some frequencies can be perceived through our senses, while others require precise instruments for measurement.

Have you ever experimented with tuning fork resonance as a child? If there are two tuning forks with the same frequency, bringing them close together and striking one will cause the other to resonate as well. This experiment demonstrates that a sufficiently strong vibrational frequency can cause objects with the same frequency to resonate, transferring energy to the weaker side.

In fact, contact-based crystal healing operates on the same principle. By placing crystals with appropriate frequencies near their corresponding chakras, the energy from the crystals helps realign the chakras to their optimal frequencies. This allows each chakra to function healthily, addressing physical and mental issues related to individual chakras, and ultimately enhancing overall well-being. ©️GFE