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黃鐵礦 • Pyrite



Illumination • Strength • Abundance


黃鐵礦 • Pyrite



Illumination • Strength • Abundance


History & Story

“Like Fire”

The name “pyrite” comes from the Greek word “pyr,” which means “fire.” This is because, in ancient times, when pyrite was mined, workers noticed that striking pyrite with metal tools would produce sparks. Its English name “pyrite” also originates from this characteristic. The ancient Greeks and Romans observed that hitting pyrite would create sparks and used it to start fires. Due to its association with the element of fire and its golden sheen, the ancient Egyptians believed pyrite could capture and reflect the rays of the sun, linking it to the sun god Ra and considering it a sacred symbol.


“Fool’s Gold”

Pyrite is also commonly known as “Fool’s Gold” because its gold-like appearance often led miners to mistake it for real gold. Medieval alchemists were fascinated by pyrite and even attempted to turn it into gold. Over time, in various cultures, pyrite became associated with wealth and prosperity, being used as ornaments or decorations to attract abundance. This tradition has been passed down through the ages.

Diverse Crystal Shapes

Pyrite belongs to the isometric crystal system/cubic crystal system. Based on this crystal structure, pyrite can develop into various crystal forms, including the common cube, pentagonal dodecahedron, and octahedron. Sometimes, the surfaces of these crystals may also have striations.



Benefits & Healing Properties


Pyrite has strong, masculine energy that forms an energy barrier, reducing the impact of negative energy on the user.


Enhancing Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

Corresponding to the solar plexus chakra, pyrite helps individuals boost their confidence and self-esteem, making them more decisive and determined, and helping to overcome self-doubt and fear.


Boosting Vitality

Pyrite’s positive frequency can enhance personal vitality and energy, promoting energy flow and making one feel invigorated and motivated.


Attracting Wealth & Abundance

Corresponding to the solar plexus chakra and supported by cultural heritage, pyrite is believed to attract prosperity and promote career and financial growth.


Stimulating Creativity

Pyrite can inspire creativity and ideas, especially useful for artists, writers, and creative professionals, helping to break through creative blocks.


Enhancing Leadership Abilities

Pyrite can increase personal decisiveness and confidence, aiding in making wise decisions and bringing courage to take on responsibilities.


Strengthening Willpower

Pyrite enhances mental strength and willpower, promoting resilience and determination to overcome psychological barriers and challenges.


Promoting Positive Thinking

Symbolizing fire and the sun, pyrite can bring positive and uplifting frequencies to a space, dispelling negative mental states.

Usage & Placement

Carry with You

Place pyrite in your pocket or bag to carry it with you, providing positive energy and protection.


Place at the Entrance

Put pyrite at the entrance of your home to attract prosperity and abundance and protect the space.


Place in Work Space

Put pyrite on your desk or in your work area to enhance work efficiency, creativity, and decision-making abilities.


Place in Shared Spaces

Place pyrite in living rooms or offices to bring a positive and uplifting atmosphere to the space.


Use During Meditation

Hold pyrite or place it nearby during meditation to enhance mental clarity and promote energy flow.


Visualization Practice

Use pyrite in visualization practices related to finance and abundance to enhance the practice’s effectiveness.


Breathing Exercises

Use pyrite in various breathing exercises, such as fire breathing, to synergize with its fire element and sun symbolism for deeper effects.


Contact Healing

Place an appropriately sized piece of pyrite on energy centers of the body, such as the solar plexus, to help activate and balance these energy centers.

Cleansing Tips

1. Use a dry cloth or soft brush to clean the surface.
2. Cleanse with Palo Santo / Sage.

Frequency: Once a month or after spiritual practices.

Caring Tips

Avoid contact with water.
Limit exposure to sunlight.
Wash hands after handling.