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Unconditional Love • Emotional Relief • Soothing




Unconditional Love • Emotional Relief • Soothing

History & Story

Pink Halite is primarily found in Searles Lake, California, an inland salt lake located in San Bernardino County. This lake was once an extensive inland sea, accumulating rich salts and minerals through natural evaporation over millions of years. This unique geological history makes Searles Lake one of the few places in the world where pink halite can be found.


Pink Halite is a naturally formed salt mineral. Its unique pink color comes from trace elements, such as iron, causing the halite to appear in shades from light pink to vibrant rose red in its natural state.


The crystallization habit of pink halite shows stepped cubic crystals, growing in overlapping clusters, a remarkable natural spectacle. Pink halite has a relatively low hardness of about 2.5, making it very brittle and water-soluble. Therefore, it must be handled with great care during mining and transportation. Due to its low hardness, it is challenging to keep it intact in its natural state. Consequently, a large, undamaged piece of pink halite is very precious, with high collectible and therapeutic value.


Benefits & Healing Properties

Emotional Purification

Pink halite’s cleansing abilities are particularly effective against accumulated negative emotions, bringing spiritual purification and peace to the user.


Promotes Unconditional Love

Pink halite radiates warm, loving energy, enhancing the user’s love and acceptance of themselves and those around them.


Spiritual Enhancement

Pink halite helps connect the energy of the physical space to higher frequencies through the bridge of love and acceptance, promoting higher consciousness development.


Environmental Purification

Inheriting the energy of the halite family, pink halite also has a significant purification effect, helping to transform negative energy in the space.


Assists in Building Self-Esteem & Confidence

Pink halite can enhance the user’s unconditional affirmation and sense of self-worth, accepting their strengths and imperfections, aiding in building self-esteem.


Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Pink halite can help slow down thoughts and release tension, bringing a more relaxed mood.


Aids Sleep

Assists in entering a deeper level of relaxation during rest, improving the quality of rest and recovery.


Reduces Pain

It is said that pink halite has a pain-relieving effect.


Promotes Mind-Body Integration

Pink halite helps integrate and balance the energies of the body and mind, enhancing overall energy harmony.


Improves Relationships

Pink halite’s frequency can promote harmony and understanding in relationships, leading to more fulfilling interpersonal connections.


Stabilizes Emotional Fluctuations

The energy of pink halite helps stabilize emotional ups and downs, especially when experiencing significant internal pressure.

Usage & Placement

Space Purification

Cleanses energy, creating a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.


Aid in Meditation

Holding or placing pink halite nearby during meditation can help quiet the mind and bring consciousness to higher frequencies.


Emotional Release

When feeling tense or stressed, contact, admire, or hold pink halite during breathing exercises to help release emotions.


Contact Healing

Placing pink halite on the chest can aid in opening and cleansing the heart chakra. (Since pink halite is water-soluble, consider using it with a thin cloth or towel if you sweat a lot during the healing process.)


Place in the Bedroom

Placing pink halite near the bedside can help achieve deeper relaxation and improve sleep quality.


Place in Work Environment

Helps relieve stress and promotes mutual understanding with colleagues and partners.


Prevent Energy Leakage

Placing pink halite in areas where you spend a lot of time can reduce energy depletion caused by internal consumption and negative emotions.


Place in Meeting & Communication Spaces

Promotes smoother and more harmonious communication and deeper mutual understanding.

Cleansing Tips

1. Use a dry cloth or soft brush to clean the surface.
2. Cleanse with Palo Santo / Sage.

Frequency: Once a month or after spiritual practices.

Caring Tips

Avoid contact with water.
Limit exposure to sunlight.